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Unclassified manuscripts


Nc* - Corresponding books in the printed edition of the Douai version of the Speculum Naturale, Douai, 1624; I - Additional information on the speculum text as present in the manuscript, or on other texts present in the manuscript, or on material damage; D - Date of the manuscript; P - Country, region or place of production; if available, information on the scribe(s) of the manuscript; O - Medieval and pre-modern owners of the manuscript; L - Hyperlink to digital facsimiles of the manuscript; R - Reference to manuscripts listed in other parts of the inventory, with which this manuscript at the time of its production constituted a set of volumes. Manuscripts that have been collected into a set by a single medieval collector (library) within several decades, are indicated with cf.

5 surviving manuscripts need further textual analysis; a sixth manuscript is lost. Since no conclusive evidence is available, it is impossible to classify these manuscripts among the three versions of the Speculum Naturale known today.

  • Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 39, books I-XV

    • Siglum: Nx7

    • I: The Libellus Apologeticus and the list of chapter titles are lacking; the text of books IX and X is strongly abbreviated and this reduced text is numbered as book IX; consequently, books XI-XVI are numbered as books X-XV; in the running text, the chapter numbering is lacking.

    • D: early 14th century

    • P: England

    • O: Norwich, Cathedral Priory of Holy Trinity O.S.B. ?

    • L: Digital facsimile.

  • Magdeburg, Domgymnasium 53, books ??-??

    • Siglum: Nx27

    • I: This manuscript contained the third and final part of a set of volumes of the Speculum Naturale to which also Nc1, containing the first twelve books, belonged. The manuscript got lost in a fire during the Second World War.

    • D: 1st half of 14th century

    • P: Western Germany

    • O: cl. St. Pauli O.P. at Magdeburg

    • R: Nc1 and He5

  • Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Clm 7818, books X, XI and VI

    • Siglum: Nx13

    • I: The manuscript contains also treatises on medicine and herbs.

    • D: 15th century

    • P: Southern Germany

    • O: cl. Indersdorff O.S.A.

  • Oxford, Exeter College, XV, books I-XXXII, 93

    • Siglum: Nx14

    • I: The Libellus Apologeticus and Pnat are lacking; possibly, this manuscript contains a part of the Bruges version (Nb); further analysis is needed.

    • D: end 13th century

    • P: France ?

    • O: St Albans, cl. St. Alban O.S.B.; present of Johannes Wethamstede, abbott of St. Alban in the 15th century, … ad usum conventus monasterii Sancti Albani …

  • Vatican, Archivio del Capitolo di S. Pietro, A 40, books XVII-XXXII

    • Siglum: Nx26

    • D: 14th century

    • P: ?

    • O: ?

    • L: Digital facsimile.

  • Vatican, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Vat. lat. 7112, books I-IV, 102

    • Siglum: Nx25

    • I: Chapters 3-17 of the Libellus Apologeticus are lacking as well as the list of chapter titles.

    • D: 15th century

    • P: ?

    • O: ?

Image: Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 39, f° 3ro.

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