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Disputed works


Disputed works

Several works have been incorrectly attributed to Vincent of Beauvais:

  • [Ps.-Vincent of Beauvais,] Speculum Morale:
    The text of the Speculum Maius contains several indications that Vincent also intended to compile a fourth part under the title Speculum Morale. It is uncertain, however, if he ever succeeded in compiling hís text of the Speculum Morale, since no such text has been identified so far. The text with the name Speculum Morale that we know today, was produced by Franciscan compilers between circa 1310 and 1320, who used as major sources the Speculum dominarum by the Franciscan Durand of Champagne and the De consideratione novissimorum by an anonymous Franciscan. Manuscripts of the Speculum Morale were sometimes kept alongside manuscripts of Vincent's authentic specula, the Speculum Naturale, Doctrinale and Historiale. five early editions of the Speculum Morale were printed in conjunction with one or more of these specula. For this reason, information on the Speculum Morale is incorporated into this website. See the sections Speculum Morale and Studies on the Speculum Morale

  • [Ps.-Vincent of Beauvais,] De fructibus penitentie:
    This work, compiled by an anonymous Italian Dominican, is sometimes confused with Vincent's Liber de penitentia. Similar incipits, similar subject matter, and the fact that part of De fructibus penitentie was compiled from Vincent's Liber de penitentia, caused this confusion.

  • [Ps.-Vincent of Beauvais,] Sanctorum legendarium:
    The author of this legendary is Jean de Mailly / Johannes de Malliaco.

  • [Ps.-Vincent of Beauvais,] Sermones:
    At least four manuscripts contain sermons that are attributed to Vincent of Beauvais. One of these copies (Ms. Paris, Bibl. de l'Université 748) presents in fact sermons by Vincent Ferrer / Vincentius Ferrarii.
    There is no positive evidence on Vincent's authorship of the sermons in the other manuscripts.
    Similarly, no positive evidence is available on the sermons that have been ascribed to Vincent and edited by J. Koelhof, Sermones manuales Vincentii de Tempore, Cologne 1482.

  • [Ps.-Vincent of Beauvais,] Speculum humane salvationis:
    Manuscript Leipzig, Universitätsbibliothek, Haenel 3506 (originating from Northern France or Low Countries, completed at March 25, 1436) contains a Speculum humane salvationis that is ascribed to Vincent of Beauvais. The miniature on fol. 6r depicts Vincent working in his atelier (Frater Vincentius ordinis predicatorum, quondam confessor illustrissimi regis Francorum [Ludovici]).

  • [Ps.-Vincent of Beauvais,] Letters (Epistolarum ad diversos liber):
    A few letters have been ascribed to Vincent. The authorship of these pieces is unestablished.

Inventory of manuscripts of disputed works

[Ps.-Vincent of Beauvais,] De fructibus penitentie

  • Florence, Biblioteca Laurenziana, Plut. XXXVI dext. 9, fols. 1r-...

  • Perugia, Biblioteca Comunale Augusta, 1096, fols. 1r-48v

  • Vienna, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, 4827, fols. 140r-167r

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