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Albrecht, E., and Voorbij, H., A synopsis of the Speculum Maius: An exploration of manuscript Paris, BNFr, lat. 6428D.

Flynn, C. P., The representation of Charlemagne in the Speculum Historiale of Vincent of Beauvais.

Stones, A., Writing and Illustrating History in 13th c. France: the Chronique de l'anonyme de Béthune and Vincent of Beauvais' Speculum historiale.

Vergara Ciordia, J., Los dominicos de primera hora y su contribución a la sistematización pedagógica medieval: la figura clave de Vicente de Beauvais (1190-1264).

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Speculum Maius

manuscript Valencia, Biblioteca Universitaria, M-381, fol. 1r

Speculum Historiale (Douai version), beginning of book XVII, from manuscript Valencia, Biblioteca Universitaria, M-381, fol. 1r

Components of the Speculum Maius

Each individual speculum is a constellation of several components:

Of most of these components, different versions exist; and of some of them, even different redactions:

To these components, Vincent added:

Thus, the following constellations characterize the specula and their versions:

Speculum Naturale, Tournai version (siglum: Na)

Speculum Naturale, Bruges version (siglum: Nb)

Speculum Naturale, Douai version (siglum: Nc)

Speculum Doctrinale (siglum: Do)

Speculum Historiale, Dijon version (siglum: Ha)

Speculum Historiale, Klosterneuburg version (siglum: Hb)

Speculum Historiale, Vienna version (siglum: Hc)

Speculum Historiale, Saint-Jacques version (siglum: Hd)

Speculum Historiale, Douai version (siglum: He)

Speculum Morale [apocryphal] (siglum: Mo)