manuscript London, British Library

Miniature depicting Vincent of Beauvais at work in his atelier, from manuscript London, British Library, Royal 14 E I, fol. 3r, Miroir Historial (French translation by Jean de Vignay of Vincent's Speculum Historiale)

Recent publications

Clesse, G., How to Evaluate the Impact of Arabic Sources in 13th-century Latin Encyclopedias.

Ninitte, F., La tradition arabo-musulmane dans le "Speculum Historiale" et dans sa traduction française par Jean de Vignay.

Villarroel Fernández, I., De enciclopedia a florilegio: la transmisión de los libros V y VI del "Speculum doctrinale" de Vicente de Beauvais.

Tugwell, S., Soundings in Exeter College MS 15 and the evolution of Vincent of Beauvais's Speculum Naturale.

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